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Gear Sintered Worm
Taizhou Yage machinery corp is specialized in manufactureing all kinds of gears. It is located at kanmen dongfeng industrial zone, yuhuan country, Zhejiang province. Yage was established in 1988, there are 120 employee in the company, and the number of engineers and workers who have colleges or higher education degree is 19. The factory covers an area of 3800 square meters, including the floor space ,which covers 3000 square meters. The total assets of the company is over 2 million RMB.
The company¡¯s main products are diesel engine gears¡¢automobile engines¡¢transmission gears¡¢electric wheelchair gears¡¢ worm wheels and so on, integrated with many domestic and foreign automobile engines, Recently years , in China, our products have been sold to more than ten cities and provinces¡£ Now, we manufacture 1 million gears per year, and the annual turnover is 50 million RMB.¡£


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